Monday, July 14, 2008

How much will you save if you slow down?

Save gas and money by moderating your speed to a “sweet spot” when you drive—here’s a cool tool by Political Calculations. Check it out.


Rod said...

I can't drive 55. My time is worth something. A 100 mile trip takes 1.81 hours at 55MPH. At 80MPH it only takes 1.25 hours. So driving 55MPH cost me .56 hours or $11.20 if I value my leisure time at $20 an hour. In addition, driving at 80 may be pleasurable; driving at 55 is hard work. If gas is $4 a gallon, I would have to save 2.8 gallons to break even. If I get 25 MPG, the trip only use 4 gallons.I am not going to save 2.8 gallons. So, if you value your time, driving slower may increase your MPG but it cost a lot of money.

VH said...

Hey Rod,
I agree with you completely. I don't like the 55 national speed limit proposal by Jackie Spiers. If someone does not want to drive to save gas, then that's's their money and time.