Monday, July 7, 2008

Don’t mess with Texas

A quick look at the graph above will illustrate that the Texan economy is on a roll, folks. Mark J. Perry of Carpe Diem writes the following about the hot Texan economy:

Texas employment has increased in 56 out of the last 60 months, and has increased by +238,700 jobs over the last 12 months, compared to only a +77,000 net increase in jobs nationwide since May 2007. The chart above shows that overall U.S. employment is up by about 5% since 2000, while Texas employment has increased by 13.5% during the same period (1.26 million new jobs).

When Barack Obama talks about how free trade (NAFTA) has hurt Ohio’s economy, he always fails to mention Texas and how it has benefited by NAFTA. Ohio’s economic pain is simply self-inflicted. Maybe other states that are struggling need to model their state economies a little more like the Lone Star state.


Jules said...

Hey VH,
Jules here!
Nice to hear something positive about the economy and Tejas!
It sure feels like we are circling the drain!

I even cut coupons out of the Sunday paper. (If you knew me you would be laughing your a** of right about now)


VH said...

Here is California we have an unemployment rate of 6.8% I'm sure some families around here are really feeling the financial pinch. But Texas is pretty impressive considering that the national unemployment rate jumped up quite a bit recently. You guys are doing something right.

BTW, I cut coupons too.