Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Al Gore is our savior!"

Al Gore called for congress not to overturn a federal ban on offshore drilling recently. If congress had any collective wit about them, they should immediately dismiss his comments as the rantings of an unrealistic lunatic.

Mr. Gore seems to be living in a parallel universe where the average American can afford to chuck over $4 and more for a gallon of gasoline for lord knows how long--I guess until the miracle of “alternative energy” comes along full bore in 10, 15 years or more? Mr. Gore is a multi-millionaire with nary a worry about the effects of paying higher prices for energy. If ushering the era of a carbonless economy means bankrupting middle class Americans, then so be it: To indirectly suggest that Americans must sacrifice in order to usher in his radical vision of the new era--the “green” nirvana--strikes me as callous arrogance. Mr Gore suffers from a misplaced messianic complex.


tashabud said...

Just to see this man's picture makes me want to puke. Sorry for my choice of word. But it truly sums up how I feel about him. Anyway, I hope too that Congress is not even give his voice any amount of consideration.

cmwheeler said...

Dude - offshore drilling won't do us any good for another ten years either. Even so, it would only reduce the price of crude oil per barrel by about 50 - 75 cents, 17 years from now, just ask the Energy Dept.

VH said...

There are several reasons why it takes so long to get oil from domestic drilling: It often takes nearly a decade to navigate the geography and the long bureaucratic process of environmental and regulatory review. Of course, let’s not forget the added delay due to coping with multiple lawsuits that will surely come from the green lobby.
Secondly, the Energy department doesn’t know and will never know if that “50 - 75 cents” (I’ve read it was about $2) is reducing $20, $50, $150, or $250 barrel of oil. That estimation from the DOE is very crude and essentially meaningless.
BTW, President Clinton and Gore said the same thing back in the mid-nineties “drilling won’t have an effect for ten years."