Thursday, July 3, 2008

Colombian Special Forces strike FARC again

From the LA Times--Armed forces disguised as rebels Wednesday rescued former Colombia presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, three U.S. defense contractors and 11 other hostages held by leftist insurgents, in a daring operation that delivered the latest in a series of blows to the country's largest anti-government force.

The 46-year-old Betancourt, who was held for more than six years, called the rescue operation impeccable and told reporters that she planned to run for the presidency again.

Comment: I read in the WSJ that the disguised Colombian soldiers were wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. The rebels were easily duped by that ruse. I wonder if Americans (the ones that live around my very own community) that wear those same t-shirts know that Che Guevara was a cold blooded murderer. Or that he was an ally to such brutal butchers as Pierre Mulele and Laurent Kabila. In any case, this is a win for the good guys and another blow to Hugo Chavez and all leftist groups everywhere that sympathize with FARC and Chavez.


tashabud said...

I totally agree with you. This is a win for the good and the defeat for the bad. It's always a heart-warming feeling to have the good guys beating the bad guys. In this case, it happened in real life and not just in the movies. I'm so happy for all the rescued kidnapped people and for their families. Kudos to the rescuers for their heroic acts.

VH said...

Hey Tasha,
Yes, I'm very happy today too. However, I'm sure Oliver Stone isn't too thrilled...he's probably crying in his latte. And Hugo Chavez must also be pretty bummed.

tashabud said...

Oh, well. As far as I'm concerned, they can just go kiss each other's behinds. Better yet, they can both go jump off the San Francisco Bridge and never be seen again. What da ya think?

U.S. Common Sense said...

Strangely enough, Hugo Chavez has actually praised the operation and the freedom of the hostages. Here is a news article about it:

The Historian said...


Marin County light weights do not have a clue about the facts of history. It is all about what is cool!

Rod Williams said...

This was a fascinating story. It would make a great movie.

tashabud said...

I agree with Rod Williams. This rescue operation would make a great movie, to be directed by Clint Eastwood.

To be fair, I'm going to read the article that U.S. Commonsense had suggested to go to read.

VH said...

Tasha-Agree with you completely.

U.S. Common sense-Thanks for the link. It is an example of how Chavez has a habit of switching from one extreme political position to another depending on how it would benefit him. For example, in January he told the world that FARC should not be classified as a terrorist group but as a "insurgent force" with under the laws of war. On June 8th, he then changed his tune, and called on the FARC guerrillas to disband. The man is all over the place. Again, thanks for the link.

And this whole event would make for a great movie:)