Thursday, July 8, 2010

Small businesses not hiring

More evidence that the "stimulus" has done nothing for small businesses and that matters will only get worse:

A payroll services firm says employers with no more than 19 workers made fewer hires in July than in any month since October. Those companies usually drive the unemployment rate down.

For the recovery to gain steam, most economists believe small businesses need to be strong enough to hire new workers. But according to one measure, the employment picture in this sector is weakening.

Intuit Inc., which provides payroll services for small employers, says the nation's tiniest companies had fewer new hires last month than any time since October.

The data are further evidence of a trend that has had many economists worried for months and intensifies concerns that smaller firms may not be robust enough to help lead the country out of its financial slump. The slowdown in hiring is particularly troublesome, experts say, because small businesses typically hire first during a recovery. A reluctance by little companies to add positions could mean that the big firms, which typically lag behind, will add jobs even more gradually.

"It's a bad sign," said Susan Woodward, an economist who tracks small business employment for Intuit. "Small businesses hire first — and they're losing their steam."

Does anybody believe that tax hikes next year will help small businesses?


Rebecca said...

Well, gee, no-- no one thinks the tax hikes will help small business. Government politicians ESPECIALLY don't think the tax hikes will help small business. That's not their plan. Their plan is to help government! And their plan is to drive small businesses into the ground, so that everyone in this company becomes an employee of a corporation under the thumb of the government. I think that's what it's all about-- it's intentional.

But then again... you knew that. Seems like we're all only talking to ourselves, these days.

P.S. Did you see the Alex Jones video that Drudge linked to? Stellar!!

Rebecca said...

Ooop... typo.

"so that everyone in this company becomes an employee of a corporation..."

Meant to say "so that everyone in this country becomes...."

My passion got ahead of my typing.