Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A post racial President?

Best post that I have read regarding the ouster of Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams from the greater Tea Party movement:

While I understand that Mark Williams is trying to make a point of how backwards the logic of the NAACP has become, the execution of that point is a complete failure. This “letter” is the kind of thing that simply strengthens the left’s argument about racism in the Tea Parties. So much of it reads like the stereotypical accusations that have been leveled at blacks for eons. Without full background behind the debate between Williams and the NAACP, it is too easy to read this letter and assume the charges are being leveled against all black people. It’s an Epic Fail in execution.

Another reason why this letter is a failure is because it doesn’t directly address the true problem with the NAACP. The NAACP’s problem is that they are using the good they did in the past like a mask. The mask is designed to look like they are defending or advancing the black race, when what they really are doing is launching racial attacks in order to defend the liberal agenda. Getting into a battle over the term “colored people” does little to remove the mask and expose the true goals of the NAACP.

It is high time we all started challenging those who play the race card for political gain. However, race is still a flashpoint for controversy and thus requires a very thoughtful and tactful approach. Sloppy ill-conceived approaches like this one can only backfire and end up doing way more harm than good.


askcherlock said...

I agree that comments made by Williams were indeed an "epic fail." On the other hand, people of color now have a chance to further advance their concerns without staying rooted in the past. There is certainly enough in the present for them to address. Epithets from either side simply reduce all involved.

John from Pomeroy on the Palouse said...

Yeah... Using the past to qualify you NOW to do whatever you want. Like Rep. Murtha (RIP) libeling our troops in Iraq. But, but, but... said his supporters, he is a veteran, he's qualified.

Or Clelland (I think that's his name) down in the South who also served 35-40 yrs ago and is a paraplagic. Doesn't matter what he said when he ran for election. He is a vet., he can say whatever he wants. His opponent got trashed for saying bad things about a veteran.


Sorry for responding late, just found your blog via Snarkolepsy.