Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leading economic indicators swoon

Evidence that the economy may be slowing. Do you think that all the new and untested regulatory hurdles, higher taxes, and ObamaCare will make matters better? Don't bet on it.


Harrison said...

People are scared as to how many bills/fines/taxes/fees they will have to be paying!

Jeff Perren said...


True, but I think the problem is deeper than that. With a new crisis/regulatory sledgehammer introduced every week, people have no idea what the rules will be in the future. So, they have no way to plan and adjust.

That's one major reason that large banks and businesses are sitting on trillions in cash.

The Great Depression is repeating itself, and for much the same reasons.

askcherlock said...

Sorry, I just don't believe we are headed for another Great Depression. As long as there is a slow but steady climb, I just don't see it happening. Many have already recovered at least 75% of what they lost in their investments earlier this year. There is a trend, but we are not going to sink. You don't want regulatory systems after Goldman Sachs, et al?