Thursday, July 1, 2010

Interview with a Zombie!

This video is a riot! Thomas Woods is interviewed by a zombie regarding his latest book. Since most talking heads and talk show hosts are brainless boobs, this zombie does a swell job.


askcherlock said...

Interesting interview! I suppose that "Nullification" is yet another argument made by a political conservative to make people believe that the federal government is a big threat to their freedom, but the state governments are our buddies. I guess he doesn't live in Pennsylvania. I'm afraid I side with the zombie on this one; the author of Nullification sounds like a neo-confederate to me. YEEAAHHHH! The South will rise again.

VH said...

The federal government can be a threat to our freedoms. I suppose modern Pennsylvanians are OK with ceding all their rights to a powerful central government?

Woods was clear enough in the video--the North used nullification far more than Southern states to blunt federal powers and nullification was never used by any Southern state to promote slavery. So the whole "neo-confederate" label is essentially an attempt to distort historical facts and to infuse a civil rights code word to the issue.