Saturday, July 24, 2010

On vacation!

No posting till August 2nd.


Jeff Perren said...

So... it's the 4th. Remember the chant from the 80s? "We Want Our MVH!" or something like that.

Welcome back. There were no new major crises while you were gone. How odd is that?

VH said...

Hey Jeff,

I think it was more like, "I want my MTV!" Yup, I'm back and the little family had fun at DisneyLand. I'm happy to report that Mickey is A-OK.

Unfortunately, my computer got hit with some nasty malware yesterday and it took me all day to get it sorted out. I had to re-format my hard-drive, download service packs and updated anti-virus software too. I'm downloading all of my backed up files from Carbonite right now--it's telling me that it'll be three days to complete the process.

I'll start posting soon. Thanks for keeping tabs. It's good to know that I have at least one fan;)

Jeff Perren said...

Bummer! (On the computer thing, not your vacation.)