Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin gives McCain camp $7 million Bump

As much as Democratic strategists and blind liberal followers have tried to portray McCain’s pick of Palin as a catastrophe, there is a sure sign that her choice for Veep has started to mobilize and energize the Republican base:

From the Washington Post: Sen. John McCain has taken in $7 million in contributions since announcing Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, a top campaign aide said today.

The money bounce may owe to Palin's appeal with conservative donors, many of whom said privately they had planned on sitting out the campaign this year. The money comes in just under the wire -- after McCain accepts the GOP nomination Thursday, he will accept public funds and no longer be permitted to raise private money for the campaign.

That will not, however, stop McCain and Palin from raising money for the Republican National Committee. In coming weeks, McCain will host four megafundraising events in major cities aimed at bolstering the accounts of the party. Palin, meanwhile, will be sent out to headline more than a dozen fundraising events for the RNC.

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The BoBo said...

Awesome picture and awesome news!!! She's a lady after my own heart.