Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chavez announces decrees

In life, sometimes it’s satisfying to know that there is some predictability to rely upon. After all, if the bus that takes you to work in the morning doesn’t have a regular predictable schedule, you will end up late to work one time too many and may get canned. So, it comes as no surprise that the predictable nature of Hugo Chavez has once again affirmed that all is well with the universe. You see, Mr. Chavez has announced some new decrees that his poor and hapless countrymen will now have the headache of dealing with. As I predicted several months ago on this blog, I knew Mr. Chavez was not going to let a rebuff of his socialist agenda by voters in December crimp his master plans to turn Venezuela into a socialist basket case.

Curiously, many of Chavez’s best friends in Washington, and even Hollywood, have been oddly silent since that whole nasty episode with the FARC terrorists. Not a peep from Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, whose early support helped the strongman consolidate his power in Venezuela. Or even former President Jimmy Carter who had blessed Mr. Chávez's August 2004 recall victory, despite evidence of fraud. But best of all, there are the House Democrats from Massachusetts--Joseph P. Kennedy II and Bill Delahunt, who in a lame attempt to snub the Bush administration, got cozy with Mr. Chavez as he used free heating oil as a propaganda tool. Swell. It really tells you a lot about Congress when you see them support a tin pot loon like Hugo Chavez.


Jeff Perren said...

I wrote this in Feb, 2007. You may find it of interest.

Venzuela, Your Three Minutes Are Up

VH said...

Excellent article, Jeff. I'm posting a link.