Sunday, August 10, 2008

More on Hugo Chavez

Jeff Perren wrote a very prescient article on Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. The article details the description of a young Venezuelan blogger who has started to witness her country crumble around her. Check out the picture of Hollywood elite Danny Glover hanging out with Chavez.

Jeff's blog is Shaving Leviathan.


The_Chef said...

Yet our own US of A is plummeting toward the same thinking. God help us.

The BoBo said...

Gotta agree with the chef up there. His people clearly voted against his referendum - yet - he continues his dictatorial ways. Haven't heard any of his hollywood elite friends talking about it!

So sad.

The_Chef said...

@ the bobo

But don't you realize ... they are the enlightened? They are the ones to lead from this morass of capitalism into a greater and more equitable society.

The Hollywood elite are actually quite amusing in a sickening, I like to watch train-wrecks kind of way.