Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dollar continues to gain, crude oil falls

As the American dollar continues to climb, commodities (like crude oil) continue to slide. Here’s hoping the dollar rally continues for a while longer; It seems as the dollar may be ending it's seven year slide. On the downside, a strengthening dollar may slow U.S. exports. However, when a currency strengthens, it usually signals that the economy may also be improving.

Chart is from Carpe Diem

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The BoBo said...

Let's hope so. There's also been buzz from the Fed that they will be raising the interest rates next quarter which is also a good indicator - forget the fact that I think the Fed is a sham and should be disbanded and control taken back over by we the people..but..nevertheless - it's a good sign our economy may be rebounding. I'm getting tired of only 3.5% rates on my CD's and .015% on checking and 1.5 on savings accounts. It's ridiculous.