Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So, what’s your dream job?

Despite what many would think, a great job doesn’t need to have all of the niceties that one would think it would have to have in order for it to be a “dream job.” A few simple things will suffice.


Tom Hanna said...

This bit was interesting:
That may be one reason why two-thirds of Americans would take the same job again "without hesitation"

I've gone back to the same well three times, once after only six weeks away. It's a day J-O-B that supports my other pursuits, but especially if some of those little "inanities" were gone, I'd have to say I love it for its own sake. That probably explains the willingness to work for relatively little money and essentially zero prestige, except for the customers who are always ecstatic to see me.

VulcanHammer said...

I hear you on that. If you can have a job that doesn't drive you crazy (I've had some of those) then you're way ahead of the game. Thanks for the comment.