Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No real changes in Raul Castro's Cuba

From the Christian Science Monitor

On Monday morning, Pollán and nine other Damas were roughed up by a mob and arrested near the offices of President Raúl Castro. "We are here to demand the release of our husbands and won't leave until they are free or they arrest us. We have waited long enough, we want to talk to the new president," Pollán said, according to Reuters.

Moments later, a bus pulled up and about 20 female corrections officers tried to arrest the women, who sat on the sidewalk, clasped arms, and refused to move. A mob of about 100 Cuban government supporters, mainly women from nearby government buildings, joined the fray, picking the Damas up, throwing them into the waiting bus, and yelling insults, Reuters reported.

Comment: While there have been some small amounts of liberalization in Cuba since Raul Castro took control from big brother Fidel in February 2008, the island nation continues to exhibit its brand of intolerant socialism. This is a reality check for those who believed that sweeping reforms would move quickly through the country once Fidel gave up the reins. F.A. Hayek once said: “Dictatorship is the most effective instrument of coercion and the enforcement of ideals.” Cuba remains a dictatorship until further notice. Stay tuned.


Erica said...

It's going to be really interestng to watch how Cuba behaves in a post-Fidel environment. I have a few friends who visited Cuba while Fidel actively held power (they got in as students) and are eager to go back to compare what happens after he's gone.

The Candid Conservative said...

A friend of mine visited Cuba through a "humanitarian group" and gushed about how great it is there.

Some libs will never learn...