Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Critic of climate change silenced?

The issue of climate change has become so politically and emotionally charged that even scientists are becoming acrimonious with one another. Al Gore likes to say that the debate over global warming is over. But William Grey begs to differ.


Erica said...

Perhaps a more accurate statement is that the climate change debate *should* be over? I have to say, I question the motives of some groups who are so vehemently unwilling to believe that global warming is real and caused by humans.

VH said...

I do believe that there is climate change (just don't ask me how much); However, I do think that it is important for scientists to have a constructive dialectic. Disagreements should be handled without the sort of political slant that we have seen over the last several years. We don't get honest/unbiased answers that way. Thanks for your comment.

Carol said...

Hi VH,
I have read a bit on both sides of the argument and while I have no doubt that we humans are the greatest culprits leaving our 'footprint' everywhere. I would like to add that the climate has been changing since the ice age thaw. I think it's too late to stop it but not too late to slow it down.

skinnydipinacid said...

I'll never understand how the man-made global warming crowd can so blindly follow their chief meteorologist, Al Gore. With all the theories and all of the possibilies (some we haven't even considered) that involve this tiny little planet lost in such a vast universe, they're so quick to agree with what our politicians, and the consider it bona-fide fact.

climate shifts, polar magnetism, solar variations, etc... all theories that are just as possible in causing a change in temperature of 0.74 degrees Celcius, yet you don't see every wingnut spewing talking points over any such theories.

It really is crazy how we've taken all studying out of the hands of scientists WORLDWIDE and placed it into the hands of our Congressional leaders and local judges, activists and politicians... most of whom can't even get their own duties in order.

Save the whales some other day politicos...
leave these debates to the scientists.
(and yes, the world can survive without you.)