Friday, April 18, 2008

$4-per-gallon gas

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

While Buehlman said he despises the oil companies, he's grateful that soaring gas prices are prompting him and others to reduce the amount they drive.

"I look at it as a gift, a blessing," he said. "The profiteers are giving us the opportunity to make a decision to do something better for our planet, for our community."

Comment: Market forces are at work. As the price of gasoline rises, consumers will invariably begin to adjust their behavior by curbing their gasoline consumption. The big “guess” by many economists was where exactly is the price point at when demand would start to level off and then start to decline. It seems that in California, particularly the San Francisco bay area, that magical point may be about four dollars.

There are many people in the bay area and around the country who do not understand how the economics of the oil industry work. If you couple that with the quotidian cynicism of recent times—Well, you tend to get quite a bit of the type of quotes that you see above; an irrational and emotional response to higher gas prices. Of course, having local politicos pander to these sort of views doesn’t help either.

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