Friday, February 12, 2010

Take the news quiz

Test your news IQ in this Pew Research Center quiz. I got 10 out of 12.

HT: Carpe Diem


SBVOR said...

I got 11 of 12 correct -- a higher score than 92% of those surveyed.

The one I missed related to oil imports. I was torn between the answer I selected and the correct answer.

Of course, Pew -- being a VERY Left leaning organization -- has a very skewed concept of what Americans should know.

From my perspective, it is far more important to know how much oil and oil equivalents we COULD be producing if our politicians would only allow it. I would wager that less than 1% of Americans would -- by design -- get that one correct.

I also note that Pew concludes:
1) Men are better informed than women.
2) The older the individual, the better informed they are.

How politically incorrect of them! ;-)

Kirk Petersen said...

Interesting... I also got 11 out of 12, and also missed the oil import question.

I think perhaps that question was the toughest. If you think about it, all three of the possible answers -- one-third, one-half, two-thirds -- imply BOTH a substantial reliance on imported oil AND a substantial domestic oil industry.

VH said...

Yea, I missed the oil import question too and the "which country holds the most U.S. debt" question. I second guessed and got the answer wrong.