Saturday, February 27, 2010

George Will at CPAC

SBVOR has three great video's of George Will giving his CPAC speech.


SBVOR said...


I've borrowed a lot from your site lately. It's nice to finally be able to return the favor.

Thanks for the link! And, thanks for all your great posts. Keep up the good work!


The BoBo said...

Hey VH! Been a long time - sorry for my apparent absence. George Will is always spot on.

What's your take on that crazy straw poll? No way in hell Ron Paul represents conservatism. I think CPAC got hijacked this year.

VH said...

SBVOR--Thank you!

Hey Bobo, I know that you're busy with doctoral work, I hope it's going smoothly.

I love Paul but I also know that he's too radical for most Americans. The straw poll means as much as spring training does in baseball--it doesn't mean much. I see Paul primarily as a teacher and an advocate for free-markets and smaller government which is something this country needs to get back to, IMHO.
As far as Paul not representing conservatism, I'd say this, Ron Paul doesn't represent the conservatism of William F. Buckley, Rush Limbaugh, or Bill Kristol. Paul is more of a Goldwater, Mises, Hayek conservative. This goes to prove that Conservatism is diverse and rich in idea's.