Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michael Mann cleared of charges

From The Guardian:

The American scientist who produced the "hockey stick graph" showing a sharp rise in global warming was largely cleared of misconduct by an academic investigation today.

The board of inquiry at Pennsylvania State University said it found no evidence that Michael Mann, a leading climatologist, had suppressed or falsified data, tried to destroy data or emails, or misused information. It will convene a second panel to investigate whether he had violated academic practices, including those governing exchanges between scholars.

VH: Note that this does not mean that Mann's "Hockey Stick" was proven to be scientifically correct as it was implied in this CBS story. Secondly, is anyone surprised that a Penn State panel exonerated Mann? Thirdly, this does not mean data was not suppressed at all by someone.


Harrison said...

I'd wager those who stood in judgement of him probably belong to the same country club as he does.

Anonymous said...

as a psu grad, this is embarrassing.

funny: my word verification for this post is "fakin"