Friday, December 11, 2009

No Consequences

Since it was our government working through an aggressive "affordable housing" campaign that was mainly responsible for the housing bubble and it’s subsequent collapse, and which then led to the financial storm that followed, why does anyone really believe that any legislation that comes out of Congress will address any "lack" of oversight of the financial sector? This legislation is obviously “red meat” for citizens fed the liberal narrative (Thank you, MSM!) that the entire collapse was due to "greed" and "lack of regulation." Where is the movement to remove Barney Frank and Chris Dodd from their powerful committee posts? Afterall, those two were right in the thicket of this whole national nightmare.


Harrison said...

Dodd is in trouble for re-election but Frank... this guy needs to go, especially since he pushed so hard for many of the "reforms" which led to the housing bubble.

VH said...

Good point on Dodd. However, I wonder how much of his poor re-election polls are due to his ties to Countrywide. If he does get the boot, it will be one of the rare moments that one of these scoundrels get the boot for wreaking our economy.

Harrison said...

I think it is several things with Dodd. Frank is somebody who, like Pelosi, is immune to being voted out. Reid, on the other hand, even money says he'll be gone at the next election.