Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best post I've read today--Cartoons

Rod Williams has a great collection of Christmas cartoons on his blog. Here is one of them.


Jeff Perren said...

Brilliant. Even the ears are right.

Pity Cindy Lou's naivete is enslaving the rest of us.

askcherlock said...

Clever cartoon, VH, Imust admit. We wish you a very Happy New Year!

VH said...

Cher: And a very happy New Year to you and Rich.

Jeff: LOL! Happy New Year!

May everyone have a healthy and prosperous 2010!

Rebecca said...

HA! So true..

You've got some outstanding posts lately!

Happy New Year!

A Disgruntled Republican said...

Thanks for the mention of my blog.
Happy New Year, Rod