Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot Air From Al Gore

Mr. Scaremonger is at it again. This time he's spewing more of his usual apocalyptic diatribe in Copenhagen. Mr. Gore outrageously claimed that a recent study predicted that the North Pole could be completely free of ice by sometime in the next decade. Unfortunately for Mr. Gore, the author of the study rejected Mr. Gore's wild conclusion.


Harrison said...

Anybody who listens to Al Bore is an idiot. He does make headlines and has a Nobel and an Oscar so I guess it is more a judgement of those who awarded him these things than of him.

Jeff Perren said...

And if it did happen it would be bad because...? Think of how much easier it would be to get at the oil not far away.

jd said...

more detail about al's recent spew:


more and more, the guys who wrote south park look like geniuses.