Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thomas Sowell on Welfare

A young Thomas Sowell crosses swords with a welfare-statist. This clip is from Milton Friedman's Free To Choose TV series.

HT: Liberty Pen


The Editor said...

What a great video! It is fascinating to see how the debate on welfare has changed, or at least how the phrasing of things has changed. Today the rhetoric is much more veiled, more indirect, as the concept of welfare has become more and more discredited.

The BoBo said...

Hey Wil - I don't know how you feel about these things - but - I passed on the kick ass blogger award to you. If you want it - you can pick it up over at my place.

Uriel said...

This is a great clip, showing Sowell put the beat down on some well intentioned but misguided liberals. He is by far my favorite economist/historian/nonfiction writer.

The Historian said...


Sowell is a treasure! Nice post. Thanks.