Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where the name comes from

If you’ve ever wondered where the name for this blog came from…well, here it is. I still remember those quiet summer nights as a kid reading this book. Halcyon Days.


tashabud said...

VH: thanks again for stopping by my site. I envy you for having experienced all that tropical, white sand beaches. I didn't realize you're a Sci-Fi fan. Now we know where you got the name. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day at your world of economics.

The Bobo said...

I wondered! I'm a huge sci-fi fan - but more in to the Asimov, Heinlen, Bradbury stuff. I hadn't heard of this book before. After reading the wikipedia entry on it - I'm going to have to go and get it myself. Who knows..I just might become a Dick fan myself! (That just does not sound right does it?)

Also - a little housekeeping chore if you could please. Now that I have moved over to my hosted server, could you please update my URL on your blogroll? You just need to take out the "blogspot" from the middle. You're on my blogroll as well - I'm still in the process of moving all my sidebar items over!

Thanks for letting us in on this Wil.

VH said...

Thanks for the comments! Yup, I'm a sci-fi nerd.
Hey Bobo, I'm glad you reminded me...I have just updated the link with your new address. Great new look, btw!