Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monsanto vs. Whole Foods

The WSJ (subscription required) reported that aversion to genetically modified foods have fallen by the wayside as food prices around the globe have sky-rocketed. This is a pleasing trend since the fear of GMO’s is highly politicized and in my opinion, highly irrational. There is absolutely no evidence that genetically modified foods are harmful to humans despite all the ravings of environmentalists. Genetically modified foods are safe, cheaper, and will yield more staple crops needed by the world’s poor and hungry. Note that organic food providers haven’t fared very well as food prices have climbed; this goes to show that at this point, organic foods are essentially a luxury item for rich societies.


Jeff Perren said...

"[O]rganic foods are essentially a luxury item for rich societies."

And often less healthy for you, from much of what I've read. Among other things, quality control tends to be lower with smaller, so-called organic farms. They tend to avoid the use of 'artificial' pesticides, sometimes substituting 'natural' choices that are more toxic, etc.

But, then, you did already point out that the preference was irrational.

Regretful Morning said...

Whole foods is yummy and good for you. Sadly, its not worth the dent in my wallet. I can cook boneless chicken on my foreman grill and cook up some vegies for a fraction of the cost.

Anonymous said...

You guys are not serious. The reason there is no evidence is because the government is using people like rats and evidence is ignored, not provided, or rather gathered by dispersing it through contamination of the food supply to the American population. I suspect you are just playing the game with them (knowingly/unknowingly?).

You dig your own grave if you eat genetically modified untesTedFrankenscience zombie-making "food". I pray one day you wake up. Bless your souls~ inside you know the Truth is Love, the Light of the Sun, may it speak to you and stir you from the irrationality of eating tomatoes crossed with fish genetics or collard greens crossed with human genetics.

Now that is just distasteful and crude. Good luck on that "salmonella" outbreak thing.

Farm your own and trust no one but the Truth.

VH said...


The National Academy of Sciences disagrees with you and people like you that believe that the apocalypse is nigh if we consume GMO’s. The Academy has noted that microbes have been used by mankind in food processing and farming for a very long time. The only difference b/w days past and today is that technology can better manipulate outcomes with greater success and accuracy.
Can you give us ONE legitimate example of any GMO harming or killing a large population of its consumers? We have been using GMO’s for decades in our food supply with not one major problem.
BTW, salmonella is natural and has been around long before Monsanto came along.
If you want to spend your time farming your own food, go right ahead. I have better things to do with my time.