Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Americans don’t want to return to the 1970’s

From CNN: As much as Americans fret over the rising price of gas, one thing worries them more: the possibility of having to wait in long lines to buy rationed gas.

A CNN/Opinion Research poll released Tuesday shows that 55% of those surveyed are more worried about long lines at gas stations and rationing than about the high prices that drivers have paid in recent months. The poll shows 40% of the respondents are more concerned about the high prices.

While gas rationing is not expected at this time, it was a hallmark of the 1970s- era energy crisis, when drivers lined up outside gas stations and sales of gas were limited to certain days of the week.

However, at that time, gas was in short supply, which is not the case today.

I’ll tell you this, if current politicians repeat the mistake of enacting price controls in order to placate the public and to pander for votes, we will see gas stations run out of gas and the return of rationing.


tashabud said...

I remember those days very vividly. I was just new to this country and wasn't driving yet, either, but, boy, don't I remember the long lines. My husband had to wait very long just to get a few gallons. If the gas station ran out, and you were at the very last and have waited an hour or so, you get in a very pissy mood. Hopefully you had enough gas to get you home by that time. Yes, I'd rather pay higher price than having to wait. No doubt. Have a great day.

The Bobo said...

I remember those days as well..sitting in the back of a hot car while my parents slowly simmered to the point they would get pissed off at my brother and I just for sneezing!

Did you also see the latest Rasmussen poll? Only 18% of the people are against offshore drilling. These idiots in D.C. better wake up or the pitch forks and torches will be coming to them!

Erica said...

It comes down to how much your time is worth, I think. To me, I'd rather pay a bit more than have to wait in long lines. But then again, I have a two-year old and live in the city (so I don't use a whole lot of gas, anyway).

VH said...

I think that we are at a very crucial (and fascinating) point regarding energy and environmental issues in this country. It's interesting to see the pendulum swinging in the other direction as prices rise.

Gasoline shortages and rationing would cripple the economy and enrage the public. (But maybe we need some pitch forks and torches to make Washington work.)

Thanks for your responses:)