Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

White House budget director Peter Orszag to step down:

The most visible members of President Barack Obama's economic team, will be leaving his post in July—the most senior official to leave the Obama administration, according to two knowledgeable administration officials.

Officials close to Mr. Orszag noted that he had served nearly four stressful years in similar posts, first as director of the Congressional Budget Office, then as Mr. Obama's first director of the Office of Management and Budget. Mr. Orszag helped steer through Congress a $797 billion economic-stimulus bill in his first weeks at the White House job before becoming one of the driving forces in shaping the health-care law.
One of the things about politics that drives me nuts is how hacks like Orszag can have such a negative impact on people that never voted for him. Orszag was one of the authors and advocates for the second "stimulus" package--a virtual porkfest--and he pushed ObamaCare like no other. Many generations of Americans will have their economic livelihoods diminished for many years while this guy will get a back slap and applause on his last day at his post.


Harrison said...

Now he'll go into the private sector and make a fortune talking about how he "saved" the economy.

Don E. Chute said...

The next ass to leave the doorway is Obamanation.

Of course that's after Reid, Boxer, et cetra.


Rebecca said...


How I long for a Ron Paul presidency. Have you noticed how the media goes running to him for advice on every little thing? The jerks.

The libs are so entrenched in government, it would take a miracle to get our country back.

askcherlock said...

We have an award for you so please stop by and pick it up to display.

Rich and Cher

Edisto Joe said...

Congrats on the award!

Glad to see him leave...unfortunatly it's like the lizards tail. You cut it off but another one grows back.