Monday, April 19, 2010

What's a demagogue to do?

How does a country that relies so much on energy exports suffer rolling blackouts due to an energy shortage? This paradox is playing right now in Venezuela where socialist big mouth, Hugo Chavez, has gone a long way to crush the private economy for the sake of a larger role for his left leaning regime. Now Mr. Chavez, whose popularity has hit new lows because his many promises have failed to materialize, has new friends in China who will throw $20 billion into the sparse Venezuelan coffers, so that Chavez can go on a public relations spree fixing up highways and various other languishing public works projects. Hmmm...this whole thing sounds kinda familiar.


Burro said...

This reiterates the point of the article I posted. It seems as though China will invest anywhere but their own economy.

Cracked World said...

I think Hugo and Dr.O are reading the same books!

Soon he will be forming the Hugo Youth Core to indoctrinate the youth.

VH said...

Burro, good point; link to said article.