Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Around The Horn...Newsworthy Links And Posts!

1) From The Economist's Cookbook: Do you know how to assert your rights when being confronted by police?

2) Also from The Economist's Cookbook, one of the best comment I've read lately on Abraham Lincoln.

3) Jeff Perren on liberty and Thomas Jefferson.

4) An entertaining video of a guy who can be deadly accurate with business cards from Freaky Frugalite.

5) The Division of Labor and love.

6) That home-buyers tax credit comes with a hefty price tag.

7) Cracked World has a great post on racism and the Tea Party movement.


Harrison said...

Nice links thanks!

The_Chef said...

Thank you good sir!

Cracked World said...

Thanks for the plug!!

I'm glad you liked the post.

Rebecca said...

Thx for the mention. I am deeply honored. :D