Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What ever happened to protesting being patriotic?

Partisan liberals are currently working hard (again!) on a smear campaign against Tea Party protestors. Here are two great excerpts of posts by conservative bloggers on the subject. The first one is

The narcissistic and condescending views of Presidents Obama and Clinton is not peculiar to them. Such views are an inherent part of being a true-believing Progressive. Progressivism is based on a fundamental lack of faith in individual citizens or in organizations of citizens to make the best decisions for themselves or for the nation. Progressivism’s key attribute is its insistence that the “smart people", the technocrats, the people who really “care", should be handling the levers of power over every important aspect of our lives, from education to resource allocation.

It is of no matter to a Progressive that every such political construct has failed in the past, with the size of the failure proportionate to the size of the implementation of Progressive (i.e. socialist) ideas. For a Progressive, past failures only mean that not-quite-smart-enough people were put in charge, or that the government domination of the private sector wasn’t complete enough for their plans to work.

The other is by our old friend Harrison Price at Just Politics:

Liberals across the country are on the ropes so it’s time to pull out the slander and lies and they are already trying to sell the story that Tea Party protesters (whom Obama said he was “amused by”) are violent and will cause violence.

During the presidency of George W. Bush “protest is patriotic” however during the time of Obama it is… seditious?

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jd said...

to paraphrase Krauthammer, "Just three years ago it was called 'patriotic dissent'"