Saturday, April 4, 2009

Corporations That Donate

From here are the top ten corporations that make cash donations to charities. Note that some of these are companies Progressives/Liberals love to hate:

Walmart: 301 million

Bank Of America: 211 million

ExxonMobil: 173 million

Citigroup: 146 million

Johnson and Johnson: 127 million

Chevron: 122 million

AT&T: 119 million

General Electric: 114 million

Microsoft: 110 million

Wachovia: 103 million


The Vegas Art Guy said...

But Wal-Mart is Ebil for making money!


The Hawg! said...

I'm sure the left will simply snort and claim those companies are only giving money to create good public relations.

Frankly, that may be true and that's just fine. If a company reinvests in the community and receives some good will in the process, what of it? The community gets some worthwhile projects funded and the companies generate some good will. That's a win-win situation and is downright dandy.