Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cartoon of the day

The REAL pirates!



tashabud said...

Hi VH,
Haven't been to your blog in a while. Life got in a way, as usual. The cartoon depicts the reality very well. Unfortunately, it's a free market on the part of the pirates only. I'm glad we showed those thugs not to mess with the U.S. of A.


Beelzebjörn said...

Greetings from Sweden, mate.

I am a first-time visitor to your blog, but the illustration to this post - at the time I entered the most recent one - sure grabbed my attention.

I will explore the older posts as this greeting is done, looking forward to learn more.

Who am I?
Just your everyday, friendly blog-troll, and occasional paper-troll, getting some interesting reading as means of relaxation, having followed the fate of amendment 138 in the EU for most of the day. Glad to report Common Sense won at least a small victory here in Europe today, though nothing is certain just yet.

Looks like a nice blog you have here, anyway.

See you around ;)

SBVOR said...


Thanks for the nod.

Keep up the good work!