Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Climate Change Reality

This just in--Al Gore has recanted his stance on Global Warming. Mr. Gore has said recently: "I have, after much studying of the scientific evidence, concluded that there isn't enough hard environmental evidence to support the theory of Global Warming. There are simply too many variables to take into account and several decades worth of data is simply not conclusive." Mr. Gore finished his statement by saying that he was going to turn his attention to alleviating the very real threat of poverty and hunger that continues to afflict the very poor of the world. APRIL'S FOOL!! I really had you going on that one, eh? Al Gore wouldn't come to his senses if an iceberg hit him on the head.

The Cato Institute published this full page ad in various newspapers around the country back in November, 2008. Since the Obama administration is now ready to get into the auto business and it is clear that it will push expensive "green" mandates--hybrid cars and a cap and trade scheme--it would be nice if "Mr. Pragmatic" would actually act like a pragmatist and be concerned with practical consequences and not political expediency or tendentiousness.

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Jeff Perren said...

"Al Gore wouldn't come to his senses if an iceberg hit him on the head."

That's it! An iceberg hit his head at one time... that explains a lot.