Monday, November 1, 2010

The absurdity of the "Sanity" rally

I think it's kinda funny how Stewart, as a liberal satirist, stirs up the venomous public discourse with his nightly mis-characterizations of conservatives (sometimes very funny, I'll admit) but on the eve of Democrats getting ready to get socked in the eye, he all of a sudden wants a rally to "restore sanity?" Hilarious. The joke is on the poor sops who spent money travelling from far away places to be at a rally against something that has made Stewart's show popular in the first place and that will continue to be his tool--the re-enforcement of political prejudices in order to be funny. This video highlights my point nicely.

HT: Small Dead Animals

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Harrison said...

I saw this one. I'd like to say they are mostly tools, but tools make for great video regardless of political party! The interviewer did a good job of not making them feel like tools.