Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank you, Greenpeace!!

This nasty Greenpeace video demonstrates the fear-mongering that pervades the environmental movement.


Edisto Joe said...

Was that the same kid in "Nnight Of The Zombies?" Or was it "Eco Warriors From Hell?" These Green Weenos pull this type of crap all the time. It only appeals to them, no one else. Shut down the world, go back to the Ice Age, how pitiful. I just posted on the EPA shuttung down the coal industry. I think this kid has a future there.

askcherlock said...

I don't know, VH. One can find supporting evidence for both sides. I know that this past year was one of extreme weather where I live and a lot of damage was done. If it is not global warming, what is it?


VH said...

askcherlock: It's not a matter of disagreeing or agreeing with one side or another, it's that they use fear-mongering and sheer emotion to convey their message.