Friday, May 14, 2010

Greece is the start of the avalanche

This is a great video by Freedomain Radio. Here are some salient points:

1) 20-30% of the Greek population works for the government.

2) Many Greek government workers can retire with a pension in their 40's!

3) Greek government workers work for 12 months but get paid for 14!

4) Greece was able to join the E.U. only by hiding its debt through swap agreements.

5) Greek taxpayers pay 44% (employees pay 16% and employers pay 28%) of salary for social security!

6) You will notice in this video that protestors have a penchant for red flags and Marxist inspired signs.

7) The ending comments on inflation, debt, and statism are spot on.

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Rebecca said...


Lots of similarities there. :(

When will the US take to heart that we are sliding down the cliff, too?