Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Big Payoff and the Big Comedown

This portion from Mortimer Zuckerman's article in the WSJ
needs some attention:

It is not an accident that in framing the national stimulus program in 2009 Congress directed a stunning $275 billion of the $787 billion as grants to the states to support public-service employees in health care, education, etc.

So now that stimulus funds have dried up, I guess states are going to have to do what they were able to push off with stimulus funds--make some deep cuts to state spending. The public sector workers and their unions got a sweet deal from Obama. Now it's time to sober up.

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askcherlock said...

I am not a Conservative but I am with you about unions. They have had so many "sweet deals" over the years and sold out their workers in the process. Time for a reality check.