Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will ObamaCare pass?

The prediction market at Intrade is bearish.


SBVOR said...

The market remains bearish. But, it is up 14 points from the low. The Dim “leadership” is determined to get something passed that will take us even a baby step closer to their final goal.

After the failure of HillaryCare, the so-called “Progressives” adopted an iterative strategy -- boil the frog slowly, if you will. They just might maintain enough internal discipline to get us one step closer to the single payer nightmare they lust after.

Our duty is to constantly remind each and every Dim that taking us even a baby step closer to a more fully Nationalized Health Care system WILL result in their certain political demise.

VH said...

I think that after the SOTU, I'm inclined to believe that the administration will attempt to pass just about anything to not appear weak.