Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It burns cleanly and there is a lot of it...

My question today is this: Why aren't we allowing energy companies tap into our vast natural gas resources? It's clean burning and abundant.

Every few weeks, it seems, fresh news arrives telling of impressive discoveries of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico, an area that, until recently, was viewed as well worked over and unlikely to yield any new bonanzas.

Last September brought word of a giant Gulf oil field reeled in by British Petroleum. And the latest Gulf headline-maker is a potentially major gas play offshore Louisiana that appears likely to add new trillions of cubic feet of gas to growing domestic reserves of the cleanest-burning carbon fuel.

Drill, drill, drill!!!


Jeff Perren said...

Surely you jest!

When burned it produces CO2, an evil toxin harmful to the planet. Worse, lowering the cost of energy would incent people to use more of it, not less. That would only encourage the growth and consumption of technology, and therefore a more indolent lifestyle geared to soul-destroying materialism.

Have you run short of Puritan Luddite Kool-Aid, my friend?

askcherlock said...

It certainly sounds viable to me. Anything that reduces our dependence on foreign oil should be considered.

VH said...

(In a Homer Simpson voice) Mmm...Kool-Aid.