Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Bailouts Please!!

Since we have lost our minds bailing out every industry with enough pull in Washington to garner attention, let's continue with the bailouts! The newspaper industry needs a bailout because papers are going under fast. We really need to save them, right? Then there is the auto suppliers; they are a sick industry with lot's of union workers--we must bail them out because as Lo Dobbs always points out, we need more American manufacturing. Whoopee! And then there is the commercial real estate industry. Boy, those guys are hurting. We need to bail them out too. Too much credit card debt? Bailout. Bought too much car? Bailout. Your idea to sell rain suits on a sunny day cause you to go bust? bailout.

Watch as our government picks winners and losers according to how connected they are to a dear interest group or lobbying firm. Sweeet! Everybody move along. Everything is perfectly fine. The bailouts will help; it is times like these that government can give a "leg up" to the distraught and ailing. And besides, think of all the Green Jobs coming down the pike. We are so lucky.


Anonymous said...

Usually I would find a post like this funny, but these bailouts along with Obama's totalitarian budget. I just worry that America will be changed from dynamic capitalism to coercive socialism.

VH said...

I hear where you're coming from; I've been kinda depressed with the developments that have been brewing from Washington lately too. Hence the attempt at humor.