Tuesday, March 17, 2009

John Stossel slams Bailouts and Other Government Programs!

John Stossel blows holes in all of the banter and tripe regarding bailouts. Democrats and big government supporters that back the bailouts will not like this video series. This is part one of six videos. Click here for the rest of the videos.

Ask yourself this: would you trust Maxine Waters with your hard earned money?


Len said...

I'm actually surprised that John Stossel isn't working for FOX News. I imagine he will be soon. You do know he is about as right wing as they come, don't you?

Why are you rewriting history? Who instigated the bank bailouts? If memory serves, Hank Paulson did not work for Barack Obama.

VH said...

How am I rewriting history? Democrats are in power now and they support bailouts and they supported a very large stimulus package. And the Bush administration is responsible for starting the ill fated bailouts and its own failed stimulus package; I criticized him and his administration when he went down that path.
As far as Stossel is concerned, I think he's very liberal on social issues and very conservative on economic issues. I doubt FOX would have him.
Thanks for your comment, Len.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

VH Stossel is a regular on O'Riley, so I would not be super surprised if they gave him his own show. That special was great.

BTW Len, which party would not allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to be reformed?