Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anti-American protests and Food riots

From CSM: Amnesty International Report released Tuesday alleged that Islamist militants, as well as US-backed Ethiopian and Somali government troops, are committing widespread atrocities against civilians in the capital, Mogadishu. And a recent US strike against what it says was an Al Qaeda leader in Somalia has sparked further protests.

Comment: Food riots and anti-American protests are raging through Somalia. Inexplicably, while the average American is consumed by American Idol and gasoline prices, there are reports that U.S. backed government forces are committing atrocities in Mogadishu. Additionally, a recent U.S. bombing attack on suspected Al Qaeda militants has caused the sort of collateral damage that we can ill afford: This is yet another American foreign policy disaster in the making. Do not doubt that our ethanol subsidy to big agriculture and rising oil prices have a hand in all of this. I haven’t seen a whiff of reporting on any of this on my local news channel and I suspect there will be none until something terrible happens to our soldiers or American civilians operating in the region.

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Cato said...

I'm with you. The U.S. foreign policy is really no longer the policy of the citizens of the United States, it's more the policy of the Council on Foreign Relations and the moneylenders. Good God, what has happened to our country?!