Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American taxpayers about to get shafted again!!!

From The Club For Growth:

A vote in favor of the Farm Bill will be a permanent stain on the lawmaker’s record and on the 110th Congress. The bill’s terrible features include:

  • Subsidies to millionaire farmers without a hard, meaningful cap on a farmer’s qualifying income
  • The elimination of key limits on annual commodity payments
  • Spending gimmicks that disguise over $10 billion in spending increases
  • An increase in subsidy rates despite sky-high crop prices and record farm incomes
  • Direct payments for crops that are not based on a farmer’s income, crop prices, or any standard of need
  • The creation of a new, permanent disaster aid program, creating incentives to grow the wrong crops on bad land in bad weather
  • Tax breaks for special interests like race horse owners and timber companies

My Comments: This bill is a high example of the waste and graft that exists in our government. Have you seen any local coverage on your news channels? probably not. BTW, most food and grain producers are doing VERY well right now with commodity prices at all time highs. And the usual excuse that I hear for the high food prices being that "it's because of oil prices," isn't a good enough reason for taxpayers to subsidize these big businesses.

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