Saturday, March 15, 2008

There are plenty of manufacturing jobs.


While millions of jobs making everything from textiles to steel have moved to new power houses like China in recent years, precision manufacturing remains a crucial niche in the United States, one that is overworked and chronically understaffed.

And in a bad sign for the United States and its declining economic might, that shortage of skilled workers is likely to get worse as Baby Boomers retire, with no younger generation of manufacturing workers to take the baton.

Comment: With all the talk this election season about manufacturing jobs going abroad, the reality is that there is a shortage of highly skilled “blue collar” workers in many industries. And the shortage will be exacerbated as older “blue collar” workers start to retire. Our national obsession to send every kid to college has thinned the ranks of skilled manual labor to the detriment of American manufacturing. Bottom line: There are plenty of jobs in the manufacturing industry for skilled workers and the pay is very good.

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