Friday, March 21, 2008

How Schools Fail Our Children

If you live in the state of Washington you may want to see this video. When I first saw this video I was astonished and then I became quite angry at what children in the state of Washington are learning as “math” in some of their schools. This video vividly explains some of the setbacks that kids have had to endure at the hands of an educational bureaucracy that is no longer accountable to parents, pupils, or communities.

I have great respect for teachers and the teaching profession. But as a parent, when I find out that these sorts of things are going on in public schools, I wonder why there aren’t more teachers speaking out against these teaching methods. It seems to me that the only time I hear from teachers is when there is a threat to their jobs or salaries. And we usually hear from them through their union representative or when they muster their students to lobby for their needs.

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