Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's make some real change

Jeff Perren of Shaving Leviathan writes on the Progressive hold on America and how to break their grip. An excerpt:

..the influence on American culture of progressive ideas goes far beyond and far beneath politics. They represent a full-scale assault on all classical liberal values: reason, objective ethics, natural rights, capitalism, and their products — freedom and industrial production. Cleaning up Washington will be the barest beginning to reversing a century-long slide in America, one that has accelerated in the last four decades.

Ending bailouts, lowering federal spending, and tinkering with Social Security will give everyone some economic breathing room. But these actions won’t right a country that’s been increasingly tilting left for the past 40 years. And without fundamental change even those victories will be too small, and woefully short-lived.

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askcherlock said...

In the last 40 years we had Reagan and two Bushes. Somehow that statement doesn't add up. True, it will take us years to get out of this mess, but there is enough blame to go around to both Republicans and Democrats.