Monday, September 14, 2009

Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug dies at 95

Mr. Bourlaug did more for humanity than most people know; He pioneered agriculture methods that saved billions of poor people from starvation. I always enjoyed reading Mr. Bourlaug's occasional columns in the Wall Street Journal regarding the environment and food production. Where would the world be without the inventiveness of Mr. Norman Borlaug? We take his accomplishments for granted every day. Some people, of course, dislike Mr. Bourlaug's food science and consider it detrimental to humanity despite that it has fed billions and that there is no evidence whatsoever of it causing any harm. Penn and Teller in the video above provide insight and humor on this issue. (Warning: strong language.)


Harrison said...

That evil thing we call oil made the green revolution possible, too.

VH said...

Yup. I also forgot to mention that Mr. Borlaug's early research was also funded by (GASP!) the Rockefeller Foundation...a private foundation.