Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Words of economic wisdom from Nancy Pelosi

From the WSJ:

Blue Dogs who are dragged into Speaker Pelosi’s office should be aware of just how she is selling the health care bill. Yesterday, she told supporters it represented “real change,” because it meant “a cap on your [health care] costs, but no cap on your benefit.”

Yup. This is the kind of ass-backwards economics that is driving health care "reform" by Democrats. Doesn't Pelosi understand that what she is proposing is simply economically untenable? Apparently not. Here's a video of Ms. Pelosi selling her brand of economics.


Harrison said...

Pelosi wants to get it DONE not matter what the results.

The BoBo said...

That doesn't surprise me at all. She's one backwards idiot. I hope those idiots in her district vote her out next time around. I really don't get how she's been able to stay around as long as she has.

Divinity Avenue said...

Economics is not what Pelosi is concerned with, it's socialism! Socialism is the solution!

John Kaduk said...

@ Bobo
Probably won't happen. In 2008 she won with 72% of the vote. Guess who was second. Raging bitch Cindy Sheehan with 17%. The Republican only got 9%. Needless to say, the people in that district are not the brightest(not a surprise considering its San Francisco).

In the case of Barney Frank, I don't think the Republicans have even run anybody against him the last few cycles.