Thursday, June 11, 2009

Americans Love Government

Walter E. Williams at his best:

Aside from the general level of disgust that Americans have for congressmen, there's the question of whether there is anything that Congress does well. What about Social Security and Medicare? Congress has allowed Social Security and Medicare to accumulate an unfunded liability of $101 trillion. That means in order to pay promised elderly entitlement benefits, Congress would have to put trillions in the bank today earning interest. Congressional efforts to create "affordable housing" have created today's financial calamity. Congress props up failed enterprises such as Amtrak and the U.S. Postal Service with huge cash subsidies, and subsidies in the forms of special tax treatment and monopoly rights. I can't think of anything that Congress does well yet we Americans call for them to take greater control over important areas of our lives.

I don't think that stupidity, ignorance or insanity explains the love that many Americans hold for government; it's far more sinister and perhaps hopeless.


Harrison said...

What I don't understand is the voter turnout is so low and so many politicians keep getting re-elected. People deserve the government they get, I guess.

It is depressing how many people seem not to care about the government but yet everybody is affected by who is in power.

SBVOR said...


Williams -- as usual -- is 100% correct.

Blame it on voters fully indoctrinated by a public school system based upon a Socialist paradigm. Therein lays the root cause of all our ills.

As a means of limiting child abuse, I don’t mind paying to educate other people’s children. But, there is no reason in hell why the delivery of that education had to be accomplished through a model based upon the Socialist paradigm.

We may well be witnessing the last days of the greatest nation in the history of the world. But, Arthur Laffer recently gave me cause to consider some optimism. When asked if the current mess could be reversed, he was very optimistic. His position is that a Reagan or a Thatcher could sell off all of Obama’s Nationalized mess faster than he acquired it. Thatcher, you may recall, did just that.

Click here for one possible vehicle to begin the process of saving the nation in 2010. Beyond that, priority #1 MUST be to bust up the Socialist monopoly on the delivery of publicly funded education. Without that, any gains will be short lived.

Ben Oravetz said...

Voters are irrational idiots. Whether you are conservative or liberal, it doesn't matter because your votes cast tend to favor emotional appeal rather than rational reason.

Conservatives who voted for McCain did so largely because of abortion, despite the fact that he never really campaigned on that issue. And liberals voted for Obama because they liked him and he looked good, not because of his policies. He could have had no issues displayed on his campaign website and he still would have gotten the same number of votes.

The American people need to stop watching American Idol and start thinking critically about their votes.

Harrison said...

I didn't vote for McCain because of abortion. I don't think that debate even should be in the party platforms of the Dems or Repubs.

Politicians want us dumb and uninformed so they may better line their pockets and that of the lobbyists who support them.

Burro said...

The nice thing about a representative government is that you can outsource life's hard decisions to somebody else. Then, when they screw it up, it's not your fault. Now if we can just figure out way to get rid of those stupid consequences.

SBVOR said...

Ben Oravetz,

In 2008 -- as is usually the case -- I did not vote FOR anybody. Rather, I voted AGAINST the lesser of available evils. Obviously, that meant I voted against Obama.

I was desperate to see anybody but Obama win. But, like most Conservatives and/or Libertarians, I had some giant disagreements with McCain and always have.

I was especially disappointed to see him fall for the lunacy surrounding man made catastrophic climate change.

Click here for some “inconvenient truths” which peer reviewed science reveals about climate change.